About Mind Wellness Psychological Services

Mind Wellness Psychological Services is a private practice that was started by Dr. Ester Goldvarg, a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Dr. Goldvarg offers psychotherapy to people who experience anxiety, depression, relationship issues, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, and ADHD.  Throughout her training and professional experience she has been privileged to work with people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Dr. Goldvarg has been working with children, adults, couples, and families utilizing empirically supported treatment.  She has been trained in a variety of treatment approaches, including Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Play Therapy.  Dr. Goldvarg uses individualized approach to tailor treatment to the specific issues that people present with.  She is also fluent in the Russian language and offers psychotherapy and psychological evaluations in both English and Russian languages.

Academic Training and Experience

Dr. Ester Goldvarg
Dr. Goldvarg began her academic training by earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology from Brooklyn College.  In the year 2000, she received a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Adelphi University and had spent the following 10 years working as a Mental Health Counselor at the New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center where she provided services to adults with mental illness and addiction issues.  Dr. Goldvarg continued her studies in the field of Psychology during those years and had earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University in 2012.  During her studies in the Doctoral program she conducted research that examined the effects of individuals’ upbringing on their ability to form relationships, as well as on the issues of jealousy, infidelity, and revenge.  In addition, she conducted a study that focused on the effectiveness of group psychotherapy for women with Postpartum Depression, which was published in the Journal of Group Psychotherapy.  Dr. Goldvarg had also served as an Adjunct Professor at Adelphi University where she taught classes on Interpersonal Relationships.  She completed one of her pre-doctoral trainings at Queens Children Psychiatric Center where she worked with children with mental disorders and behavioral issues, as well as with their families.  As part of her pre-doctoral training she also worked at the Derner Institute Center for Psychological Services, where she provided psychotherapy to young adults suffering from a variety of mental health issues, including Depression and Anxiety Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Personality Disorders, and Relationship Issues.  Dr. Goldvarg completed her postdoctoral training at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, where she specialized in Trauma Treatment, Forensic Psychology, Sex Offender Treatment, and Addiction Disorders.  Upon completion of her training she worked at the outpatient clinic at South Beach Psychiatric Center treating people presenting with a wide range of mental health issues.  As part of her training Dr. Goldvarg also conducted psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational testing across all of her training programs.  Currently Dr. Goldvarg sees patients in her private practice for psychotherapy, conducts private psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational evaluations with children and adults, and serves as a consultant/evaluator at the agencies that offer help to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities.

Dissertation Research


“Predictors of Revenge Motivation: An Exploration of Personality Variables, Relational Histories, and Situational Factors”
Adelphi University, Defended March 2011

Research study was performed utilizing a data set of 220 subjects from the general population.  The study’s purpose was to investigate whether motivation for revenge correlates with individuals’ attachment styles, personality attributes, narcissism, and social histories.  Additionally, the study investigated whether reading stories that are designed to stimulate feelings of romantic jealousy increase revenge motivation.

Presentations and publications

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