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Our online system makes it easy to schedule virtual or in-person appointments at either of our Brooklyn or Manhattan locations. We use a HIPAA compliant system to conduct video sessions that are completely confidential.


An integrative approach is utilized at “Mind Wellness” to treat anxiety.  Initially, we will explore your issues to help you gain understanding in the source of your problems. Following a detailed exploration of your symptoms, a combination of different techniques will be used to help you overcome your fears, gain control over your thoughts, develop positive coping strategies, and get rid of the behaviors that you wish to change.

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We hear people use the term “I feel depressed” quiet frequently and use it ourselves whenever we feel “down”.  Whether you are feeling “down” most of the time, have episodes of severe sadness, or experience fluctuations in mood, life can feel like a burden. At the onset of your therapy your symptoms will be carefully assessed and a treatment plan will be created specifically to address your issues and to help you regain happiness in your life utilizing integrative approach to treating depression.

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Anyone exposed to a traumatic event can develop a condition called Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Whether you were exposed to such an event yourself or witnessed someone else experience it, it may lead to severe anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, and uncontrollable thoughts about the event.  Dr. Goldvarg uses a combination of approaches to treat people who have been exposed to traumatic experiences, based on the individual’s needs.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a widely recognized integrative therapy approach. EMDR deals directly with how the brain processes the information it receives. It can help you reprocess disturbing memories and let go of the negative emotions associated with these memories, which will in turn help you move past the traumatic experiences. You will still remember the experience; however, after reprocessing of the memories associated with the disturbing event, this experience will stop to rule ways in which you live your life.

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Relationship Issues

Dr. Goldvarg strongly believes that at the core of every issue are the individual’s early life experiences and the way of upbringing. She has an expertise in helping people develop an understanding into what they want to accomplish in their relationships and find ways to do it.  Depending on your specific issues, you can be seen for individual, couples, or family therapy with the goal to help you establish healthy relationships and lead a happy life.

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When people think of addictions, they usually refer to substance abuse; however, addictions can involve virtually anything, including drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, food, sex, gambling, and more. Ultimately, any addiction leads to damaging psychological and physical effects, and results in the destruction of people’s lives. We combine Insight-oriented, Cognitive Behavioral, and Motivational approaches, based on each individual’s needs, to address their issues.

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Your mind is racing, you are unable to focus and stay still, you procrastinate because you cannot concentrate on tasks and the thought of giving it a shot to complete a task leads to further racing thoughts and avoidance behaviors.  Sounds familiar? You are not alone.

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Testing and EvaluationS

In general, psychological testing refers to tests that are administered by psychologists in order to better understand a person’s psychological problems, intelligence level, and personality styles.  Dr. Goldvarg also performs psychoeducational evaluations and neuropsychological assessments, the purpose of which is to examine issues with one’s executive, cognitive, and behavioral areas of functioning.

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When seeking therapy many people wonder in which ways group therapy may differ from individual therapy.  Although the goal of both types of treatments is to help people get passed the difficulties that initially bring them to treatment, group therapy offers a unique opportunity to people to explore their issues within a supportive network of peers and to build interpersonal relationships. At Mind Wellness different psychotherapy groups are offered periodically, and members are assigned to specific groups based on their age and the issues that they are dealing with.


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