Addiction Therapy & Treatment

When a person is addicted to something they compulsively ingest the substance or engage in behaviors they are addicted to.  Among some of the common addictions that people develop are drugs/alcohol, prescription medications, gambling, sex, food, shopping, internet, video games, and plastic surgery. The primary goal of treatment is to improve and help you sustain motivation for change, establish ways to control impulsivity, and learn new coping strategies in order to replace your compulsive behaviors.  Since psychological and social factors play a big role in addictions, your treatment will begin with an exploration of all possible contributing factors into your addiction.

Since usually people who experience problems with addictions frequently suffer from anxiety and/or depression, your initial assessment will also include an evaluation for other mental health disorders. Once this in-depth assessment is completed, we will work with you on a treatment plan, which will include goals and methods for accomplishing them. Your treatment will occur within a highly supportive and empathic environment and, in the case if it becomes necessary, you will be offered assistance with finding additional resources to help you deal with your addiction issues.

Ultimately, the main goal of psychotherapy is to help the person rid of his/her addiction and to achieve balance and satisfaction in life.