ADHD Therapy & Treatment

Approximately 11% of children and 4% of adults suffer from ADHD.  Although, as you could see from these numbers, for many people ADHD symptoms subside with time, some continue to carry it into their adulthood and deal with them on a daily basis.  These symptoms have a negative impact on their personal lives, academic performance, and in adults, on their professional lives.  At “Mind Wellness” we utilize  Psychosocial and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches to help individuals with ADHD.

When working with children, therapy begins by defining concrete short-term goals for treatment together with the parents.  Once treatment is initiated, we utilize series of techniques to improve parenting skills.  The main focus throughout the treatment is consistency, which needs to be exercised across all settings that the child is exposed to.  Throughout treatment we help the family review the child’s progress, and provide parent management training at different times during treatment.

For people who require formal assessments, we also conduct neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations.  These in-depth assessments assist people with understanding the issues that are contributing into their existing symptoms and acquiring specific recommendations for dealing with the problems they experience.

Below you can find scholarly articles that discuss various treatment approaches to ADHD: